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Bay Area based Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter


Musically, Starr's style lies somewhere between power-pop and coffeehouse, singer-songwriter with a touch of country.  She writes all of her own music that is inspired by her own struggles, triumphs, awkward moments, and how finding oneself is a life-long journey. Her powerful lyrics and catchy sing-along tunes consistently draws in ardent fans.

She is often positively compared to Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry as well as Sara Bareilles and Jewel.


Starr's music is borne from universal truths of staying true to oneself.  In a world that celebrates 'overnight success' that is often actually twenty years in the making and/or impossible standards of beauty that requires a swat team of makeup artists coupled with the power of Photoshop...

Starr Saunders smashes through it all.


"We're Not The Beautiful" Video